Extensions and Additions

House extensions by Heilbronn Building in Sydney

Heilbronn Building is a licensed builder number 3089767C in Sydney and NSW member of the Master Builders Association who can be contracted for all types of extension of building addition projects. A contractors license is required for projects over five thousand dollars.

Many people think adding a room or extending their home is too difficult or stressful, although we make it easy. 

House extensions

With our personalised approach, we take care of all the difficult details when it comes to managing a house extension or room addition. We help manage everything from the design through to the paperwork needed for approvals like the Development Application (DA) via your local council, material supply, construction, and finishing touches. A house extension normally involves adding a room onto your property by using the space in your front or back yard. This normally requires structural work to ensure your home remains safe to use.

Home additions

Most people will consider a house addition when they want to change the floorplan of their property to create more space by adding an extra room, reconfigure popular areas like a bathroom or kitchen or adding a second storey. This type of work normally means we are removing walls, hallways and changing the interior layout of your home.  

Some homeowners will also add rooms that are then rented on Airbnb, become home theatre rooms or larger master bedrooms. The benefits of extending or adding to your home are endless and we provide fixed price quotations.